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If you're looking to start pig farming yourself Pork Delights offers you a selection of pure bred piglets of the highest quality as well as advice from our field officers on the best rearing practices

In-Pig Gilts

Pork Delights also offers gilts for those looking to start or expand their pig farms. Our gilts are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to give you a good litter

Young Boars

For those in the market for boars Pork Delights has a fine selection of boars who are guaranteed to give a fine litter

Pig Feed

Are you looking to purchase nutritious pig feed? Look no further. PorkDelights, is a producer of specialized pig feed with the right amount of nutrients to ensure a healthy and strong pig

Organic Manure

From the farm Pork Delights also offers organic manure to crop farmers. Come by our Farm to purchase the right type of Organic Manure.

Image by Kameron Kincade
Image by Annie Spratt