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Pork Delights

Our Farm

Raising Pigs Responsibly Since 2005

PorkDelight is committed to ensuring the long-term health of our land through responsible environmental stewardship, a commitment to sustainable farming practices, ethical care of our animals, and active engagement with our communities through pig raring advice to current and potential farmers, training, and access to markets and other essential services.

Our goal is to produce quality animals.

As a farm, we are dedicated to a transparent holistic approach to animal care and herd development.

As people, we are committed to reconnecting the public to their food and the land.

Image by Jez Timms

Our Story

Opened initially in 2005 Pork Delights started out as a small operation with just a few Pigs and serving a very small market area. But through the years we have acquired knowledge on the best practices for healthy and strong pigs. We've always grown our pigs to the highest industry standards and consider ourselves to be one of the leading pig rearers in the market.

Image by Slavcho Malezanov
Image by Dorothea OLDANI
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